For my 4th Year Minor Project I designed costumes for the famous play by Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest. I created costumes for all the characters and I made a dress toile of one of my designs for Gwendolen Fairfax.

the designs:

I chose to design The Importance of Being Earnest by researching the period when the play was written and first produced, in London in 1895. I wanted to explore how the characters of the play might have interpreted and used the fashions that were available to them at the time, while still allowing a modern audience to understand what kind of character and charisma they were being presented with.

I used books, magazines and sewing patterns published in and around 1895 in order to better understand the period and its signature characteristics, which then influenced the designs I went with as well as the construction methods I used. All of the garments have multiple hand-finished seams and edges to avoid any machine stitching being visible on the outside, and stiffening was done by mounting different fabrics on top of each other by hand instead of using modern iron-on materials.

Sketches and Notebook Work:

some notebook pages showing my design process