MARIETA | 2017

A short puppet film set in Spain during the civil war in the 1930s.

A young girl is sent by her mother to buy some kidney meat for a special dinner where war officers are invited, but she wastes time playing in the woods and the butcher is closed when she gets there. On her way back home through the forest the girl spots a soldier's corpse mauled by a wild animal and revealing a fresh kidney. Thinking only of how her mother said that the meal was very important for her father, she takes the kidney and runs home. Later that night, the dead soldier appears at her house, looking for his kidney and revenge.

Director: Daragh Goan

DOP: Sophie O'Donovan

Producer: David Toolan

Design Crew (shared tasks): Mar Blay Gomez, Rebekah Bustos, Roisin Ni Ghabhann, Sean McDonald

Production Design: Judith Smolenski

Process and Detail Images:

Constructing the Bedroom set and various Props
Kitchen Family Portrait
Rocking Horse
Bedroom Furniture, Walls and Floor
Soldiers boots
Bedroom Model Box