LA CALISTO | 2019/20

I designed the costumes together with two other designers for this production of the opera La Calisto, written by Francesco Cavalli, and performed in the Project Arts Centre in Dublin in January 2020.

The design is a contemporary absurdist interpretation of all the classical mythological characters involved in the story which include Jove, Juno and the Fates among others. The concept was heavily inspired by The Third Policeman, a book by Flann O'Brien.

Director: Sinead O'Neill

Lighting Design: Arnim Friess

Set Design: Aoife Kelly, Lauren Wheatly

Character Design: Saoirse Carey, Saoirse Whelan, Caitlin O'Donnel

Costume Design: Judith Smolenski, Mar Blay Gomez and Kristina Tokic