Costume Sketches and Designs for Gormenghast, a stage adaptation by John Constable of the book and characters created by Mervyn Peake.

the designs:

While loosely based in history, around 1880, the costumes for these characters are warped and altered versions of their historical counterparts. Like the story they take inspiration from reality but veer off into a fantastical version of it.

In this project I explore materials and colours and how they affect the look of a character. All of the characters in this story are at least a little bit mad which I tried to visualise both through the shape of their outfits as well as through the way they wear them. Each one has their own specific obsession which is consuming their life, ranging from lovesickness to a lust for power, and from cats to depression.

I used all this information together with my research into Pre-Raphaelite painting and 1880s fashion to create a fantastical collection of characters and outfits to be used in a hypothetical theatre production of the play.

Sketches and Notebook Work: