DUNE | 2021

For my Graduate Project I worked on costumes for a tv adaptation of Dune, by Frank Herbert. This science-fiction story is set on a Desert Planet in the far future.

I made a “Stillsuit” which is a utility suit worn to reclaim the body’s valuable moisture when travelling through the desert, and I also created costumes and a visual identity for the Fremen, the indigenous people of the desert planet.

My take on a sci-fi classic:

the casual wear:

For these designs I chose to work with colours and patterns more so than with complex pattern cutting and tailoring techniques. I wanted to give the Fremen a colourful and more relaxed appearance when at home, in contrast to the restricted colour palette that they wear when appearing in public. The silhouette is based on the clothing worn in hot climates today, mixed with contemporary fashion and editorial styles. The characters all have their own specific look within a cohesive design group.

the stillsuit:

I chose to make the Fremen Stillsuit appear quite natural by giving it a textured and organic appearance. This deliberately goes against the expectations that viewers will have of a sci-fi costume, which represents the way in which these characters are underestimated by the people that don’t know them. They are in fact extremely advanced and deliberately cultivate an image for the outside world to believe.

One of my main ideas is that, as the story is set so far in the future, everything that makes the suit functional is worked into the materials themselves. While the outside features muted colours of black, brown and grey, the interior reveals bright flashes of colour and complex textures which communicate the idea that this suit is not just fashion but also serves a function. Like the Fremen, there's more to the suit than meets the eye.

The silhouette is heavily inspired by the clothing that has been worn in the Sahara desert climate for centuries. I wanted to embrace these shapes and garments and design a science-fiction costume not based on western fashion.

Sketches and Notebook Work:

some images showing my design process