I often find myself having ideas for characters, either from books I'm reading or just for a setting or theme I am interested in. The characters below are not a full set for a project, but rather a collection of ideas I've had.

The following sketches are either done digitally or else with watercolour or ink on paper.

I create ink drawings like these three without any pencil sketching underneath. The inability to erase any part of them leads to unique and interesting concepts.

I love taking a familiar silhouette and changing it up for a sci-fi variation on something real.

I like the idea of dystopian wizards. It's not a character type I often come across.

I made the sketch below while reading Paradise Lost by Milton. Something about the descriptive way he writes just made this character appear in my minds eye fully formed.

I love playing around with the undulating bodies of animals such as snakes or fish. There's something captivating to me about the way they move.

Obscuring the human body with draping fabrics and accessories can create a wide range of interesting characters.

Sketches and Notebook Work: